SEO Analysis and Market Research

At SOCii, we provide data measurement, SEO analysis, and reporting that illustrates your internet marketing ROI (Return on Investment). If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – highlighting the importance of these services for executing marketing and business strategy.  We track and measure your data to optimize on-line marketing campaigns and track audiences and trends, as well as to uncover new opportunities.

We Create valuable content and PR Campaigns

Best SEO results are dominated by content that compares ratings and pricing for various products services while PR brings content to users and establishes industry expertise, trends and customer reviews.

Instead of trying to increase awareness with links, it is best to create rich content that delivers what Google (and users) want. By creating value with your content, you open it up to news worthy media coverage, earning social media shares and powerful links from relevant sites.

Content is the best option and way to compete against the majority who owns organic search real estate.

Paid Search

A very straight forward SEO approach and a remarketing tactic. Paid searches capture traffic from all corners of the web.  This allows those people who are ready to buy highly targeted paid ads will capture their business.  Creating key content that is visual and telling is the name of the game.

Website Optimization for the Web

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key technical and marketing driven component to any successful business plan.  Note…Google is not the only platform the user will turn to and it’s no longer just about optimizing your website for Google. It’s about optimizing your presence across the web.  With each unique platform there are benefits and by understanding your target audience and were they spend their time we can execute a plan to build an organic presence.

Insights & Analytics:

The core competency and required element for successful strategy , creative and marketing tactical development.

It is  the foundational approach we take for all our clients. Importantly, it is a process that has proven itself over and over again.

What makes our Insight approach unique is we use prodigious amounts of “big data”— primary and secondary research and analytics—throughout the entire process. We include customer-centric perspectives and competitive positionings as we develop, test and validate our own hypotheses. Thus, research becomes the essential tool that is used to:

  • Define the optimum strategy
  • Understand the sensibilities, desires and pain-points of the customer
  • Gain the in-depth insights we need to activate a brand both creatively and tactically

We are expert in conducting all forms of qualitative and quantitative research on local, regional, national and international levels across both consumer and B2B markets.