Marketing Strategy & Business Development

We develop internal and external brand awareness, starting with our core competency of insights & analytics, corporate imaging, marketing plans, HR marketing, market research, email marketing, product marketing, and vendor management.  SOCii’s goal is to partner with you on your company’s success. Our online marketing strategy coupled with business strategy provides our clients with the tools to grow their business while creating brand recognition and new opportunities.

About our Core Competency:

Insights & Analytics: The core competency and required element for successful strategy development.

Insight is the foundational approach we take for all our clients. Importantly, it is a process that has proven itself over and over again as the essential difference between a serviceable strategy and an impactful, highly effective strategy.

What makes our Insight approach unique is we use prodigious amounts of “big data”— primary and secondary research and analytics—throughout the entire process. We include customer-centric perspectives and competitive positionings as we develop, test and validate our own hypotheses. Thus, research becomes an essential tool that is used to:

  • Define the optimum strategy
  • Understand the sensibilities, desires, and pain-points of the customer
  • Gain the in-depth insights we need to activate a brand both creatively and tactically

The considerable emphasis we place on research is so significant that we have made it a core competency of the Agency. We are expert in conducting all forms of qualitative and quantitative research on local, regional, national and international levels across both consumer and B2B markets.