Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a real and crucial component of brand and customer relationships.  SOCii integrates Social Media (Blogs, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Constant Contact, YouTube, etc.) into your marketing and business strategies. We specialize in email marketing campaigns and also train you on how to leverage social media to your competitive advantage and to manage your on-line reputation.

Here are some details about our Linkedin services:

Linkedin Brand Management “For Organizations and their C-level Management Teams”

In today’s fiercely competitive business world, most professionals have joined Linkedin, but are you and your organization really getting the most out of it?  Not surprisingly, most business professionals and the companies they work for don’t properly harness the power of Linkedin.  In fact, Linkedin has become such a far-reaching and powerful tool, if not used strategically, you can actually find yourself at a disadvantage!

At SOCii Media Marketing, we are Linkedin Brand Managers for organizations and their leadership teams.  We know how to leverage the power of social media and use our marketing expertise to help our clients increase their brand recognition and achieve SEO optimization.

Our Linkedin services include corporate and C-level profile writing, one-on-one coaching, strategic marketing campaigns and much more.  Our principal will work closely with your C-level team to understand the vision of your organization and help build your brand.  When used in coordination with our other services, the potential for your organization’s social media exposure is limitless.  So don’t let the power of Linkedin slip through your fingers…become a social media “leader” and the rest will “follow!”