Coaching, Training and Staffing

SOCii is constantly evolving and modifying our services, tailoring our programs to what is in demand. Our training and services are not limited to just that of our clients, we provide top-notch coaching for leading executives and consultants in all sectors of the business world. We provide one-on-one training sessions in which we devote our full-fledged attention to these executives. This allows us to assess their personal goals and we are able to tailor our sessions to meet their specific needs while uncovering their personal brand. Once we have gotten to know the individual on a personal level and gained their trust. The SOCii team can build their confidence and equip them with the unique knowledge of how to handle any situation, as well as prepare, train and manage their social media presence while reaching an optimal level of success.

Coaching, Training, and staffing are a very important part of creating a culture of excellence and growth. SOCii coaching and training equips our clients with the knowledge and strategy for building internal and external brand awareness that develops positive corporate culture. We offer programs to build internal infrastructure to augment staff for client projects. We provide staffing services as well as HR marketing programs that incorporate business development for the workforce, social media management & training, resource management, and executive management. As about our lunch and learn workshops.


Building a learning culture is not easy, but it is necessary to close skills gaps and minimize the talent management woes that plague so many organizations.  At SOCii we offer a wide range of marketing skills training programs designed to help companies close these internal gaps.

We work with companies of all sizes to create workshops and training programs that hone skills, demonstrate tactics and foster collaboration and create an inspiring place to work. From large group ideation workshops, one-on-one executive coaching, building leadership programs, business development for your workforce, social media & mobile training, to media training sessions, we craft customized experiences to uncover, inspire, advance and springboard new ideas and initiatives for your brand and your talent.  We also recognize that organizations have to move forward to meet the new standards for recruiting and retaining their most valuable asset – their employees.

Executive Coaching & Personal Branding

Brand Ideation Immersion

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Business Development to enhance your workforce and revenue

Social Media & Training Programs

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Our training Programs will keep your employees connected and give you a hand in social media mobile strategy. We recognize social training is attractive with job seeking millennials. Social training will keep your employees current with their personal brands while promoting your company brand. It’s a win-win for all!

Attracting Millennials – Building Programs Matter

Be the company that attracts Millennials and is known for providing…

Strong leadership programs, Social causes, and Sense of purpose

We know today’s millennials are attracted by job flexibility, acquiring skills, social cause and sense of purpose.  We will help you build programs to attract and keep your talent by acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to grow both personally and professionally. We will guide you in researching, branding and building programs that provide rich learning experiences that tap into employee interests, passions, and career goals.