SOCii Leadership

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CathyAnn Sarra, Principal & Managing Partner – A strategic implementer that is a results-oriented creative talent with over 20 years in the Marketing & IT Consulting Industry.  CathyAnn is a well-rounded business leader equipped and driven to handle any situation impeding corporate initiatives.

She has held Principal and Management positions for Enterprise Engineering Inc., Taratec Development Corp., Unified Systems Solutions, Trecom Business Systems and currently, has been the business owner of SOCii Media Marketing since 2006.  She is an entrepreneur, designer, and patent holder. CathyAnn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Roanoke College, Roanoke Virginia. Previously a Board Member of the Kenneth F. Tietjen Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Her unique vision and personal strengths give her the ability to listen, create, trademark, promote and guide the company’s and their clients continued success.  A Trusted Advisor, Executive Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Trainer, and Channel Manager are among her current engagements.